The worst kind of clickbait

A touching story of a young man buying a doll for a little girl goes viral on Facebook. The mother wants everyone to hear how awesome he is and send him positivity. tumblr_inline_nx1wz2sk4j1r8uv6t_540

But a conservative writer named Sean Brown felt the story needed to be told from a different angle.


Not only is this clickbait, it’s also horribly, intentionally misleading. Very clearly paints a picture of a black teen doing something terrible.

The writer has tried to defend his actions.

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No, Mr. Brown, an intentionally misleading title that aims to cast a negative light on a positive moment involving a person of color is not just “baiting a title.” What you’ve done is lower than the baitiest of clickbait: it’s pure racism.

In fact, the summary was just as misleading as the title.


The summary there reads:

A Louisiana mother of three was out shopping at Target with her children for her toddler daughter’s birthday when the unexpected happened. Right in front of the woman, a black teen approached her little girl, and his “odd” behavior left the mother crying. Now, she’s asking for the public’s help in locating him after he disappeared from the store.

That’s not even clickbait. That’s racistbait. That’s Sean Brown showing an absence of standards, reinforcing the status quo of all black teenagers being considered suspicious on sight alone.


Sean Brown, the libertarian who believes in God but wants his readers to think one color of God’s children are targeting little girls on their birthdays.

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