Teenager pepper-sprayed, allegedly sexually assaulted at Trump rally

Teenager pepper-sprayed, allegedly sexually assaulted at Trump rally

Second update:

Two more videos have surfaced of the events at the rally.

The first video starts as “Alex” is walking out of the crowd after being pepper-sprayed. You can hear her say “I deserved it,” and hear someone in the crowd call her a “commie n*****r-lover” as well.

The second video shows us what led to the argument witnessed in the other videos. “Alex” is protesting and holding up a sign that says Black Lives Matter when a grey-haired man in a sweater starts speaking to her. He’s holding papers and starts tapping her, which results in “Alex” telling him to stop touching her. While this is going on, you can see a man wearing what appears to be a leather coat and a red hat standing next to the grey-haired man. After a few seconds, “Alex” turns back to the grey-haired man and throws a punch, hitting him in the side of the face. Almost instantaneously, the man in the red hat raises his arm and deploys pepper-spray directly into the face of “Alex”.

What’s also interesting is how the man in the red hat and leather jacket wasn’t initially near where “Alex” and the grey-haired man were arguing. About one minute and twenty-three seconds into the video, you find him coming into frame from the bottom right and then making his way next to the grey-haired man, where he stands until deploying the spray. Afterwards, he steps back and is eventually out of frame as the person filming the incident pans to follow “Alex” as she exits the crowd.

Police have since issued a request for help in identifying the man in the red hat and leather jacket. You can find that information at this link.

Updated information:

Janesville, Wisonconsin police have released a statement regarding the events at a rally for Donald Trump on March 29.

According to police, six protestors were arrested after refusing to leave the lobby of the Holiday Inn where the rally was held. They had "locked themselves together inside of PVC piping" and were charged with disordly conduct, obstructing a police officer, and trespass.

The pepper-spray incident has also had further information provided by police. A 19-year-old woman was treated at a hospital due to getting what police describe as "2nd hand spray" during the altercation, and the 15-year-old woman was also taken to a hospital for further treatment.

Additionally, police are looking for both the person who deployed the spray, and for a man who they say sexually assaulted the 15-year-old woman through groping. It seems the groping is what set off the argument we cover below, and gives further explanation for why the grey-haired man in the video was seen saying, "I didn't touch her."

ABC News also obtained a new video of the incident. This video shows the woman being pepper-sprayed, followed by someone in the crowd calling her a "commie n****r-lover".

Original article:

What we know so far

A rally for the presidential candidate Donald Trump was held in Janesville, Wisconsin, this afternoon. Like many recent Trump rallies, a large number of protestors gathered outside of the venue in a show of solidarity against the hateful messages expressed by his campaign. And also like many recent Trump rallies, a scene of peaceful protesting turned into sound and fury before pepper-spray was involved.

This time, however, it didn’t come from the police.

Molly Beck, a Capitol reporter for the Wisconsin State Journal, was on the scene when an argument broke out between two people outside the venue. She tweeted a photo of the altercation at 4:27 p.m. CST, showing a blonde woman in glasses facing an older man with grey hair and a sweater, both of them surrounded by a sea of people. Some appear to be holding signs, though neither come into frame enough to tell whether they say “Black Lives Matter” or the derogatory variation, “All Lives Matter”. The tweet also stated that the argument resulted in the woman punching the man and then being pepper-sprayed.

At 4:39, she followed up with another photo at the moment of the pepper-spray being deployed. Again, there are signs in the background that are just out of frame enough to not see what precedes the “Lives Matter” portion.

Four minutes earlier, at 4:35, someone posted a photo to Facebook of the blonde woman as she was being treated by police. One officer is holding a bottle of water while the woman’s face is caked with the orange of the pepper-spray. We can assume this means the spray was deployed sometime before 4:30 given that the woman would have likely spent at least a couple minutes getting out of the crowd before finding a police officer.

What should be noted is how the photos clearly show that the grey-haired man involved in the argument could not have been the one deploying the pepper-spray. The first photo from Molly Beck shows the man with his hands up, holding papers, and wearing a black sweater with brown and white rings around the sleeves. Yet, the photo from the moment the blonde woman was sprayed has an arm wearing either a jacket or a long-sleeve shirt with heavy fabric, with a metal button at the wrist and no brown and white rings.

While Molly was not able to provide a picture of the punch, she did tweet out a video of the entire event at 5:01 p.m. The video does not clearly show who it was the blonde woman threw a punch at, nor who deployed the spray. In her initial tweet, Molly states that the grey-haired man in a sweater was the recipient of the punch. We’ll have to take her word for it until anything further comes out.

Now, the name of the blonde-haired woman has been stated as “Alex” in articles from Alternet and New York Daily News, and the Facebook photo from 4:35 refers to her as Alexandra. No name was provided by Molly and there has been no confirmation on any name at the time of this writing. Another unconfirmed piece of information repeated in both of the above articles is the age of “Alex”, so far alleged to be 15. That information is also contained in the Facebook photo.

One thing worth noting is Alternet’s framing of the event. The video recording provided by Molly shows “Alex” and the unnamed man engaging in what appears to be an argument while “Alex” tells people around her to stop touching her, as they seem to be trying to break up the argument. It’s nearly impossible to tell what, specifically, they were arguing about, but you can see the man raise his hands and say, “I never touched her.” He then falls out of frame. You can hear a lot of yelling that is indiscernible, and then “Alex” turns towards someone outside of the frame before throwing a punch and almost immediately receiving pepper-spray directly to her face.

Alternet’s title:

Trump Rally in Janesville, Wisconsin, Attracts Thousands of Protesters: Trump Supporters Turn Violent

Outside of a single tweet containing the same photo as the Facebook post linked above, no additional information is given by Alternet concerning who initiated contact.

New York Daily News doesn’t provide any additional information, either. They do, however, report events as captured from a video. Whether this video is the one provided by Molly or not, we cannot say.

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