The Internet's standing with hate speech and yes you read that right

On Tuesday, Twitter was party to several companies who agreed to restrict hate speech spread by users of their service. Almost immediately, the internet was mad. The internet did what the internet does and started a hashtag to express their outrage over potential–and surely insignificant–consequences for their favorite past-time of calling for people to be murdered who differ from the western standard of white, cisgender, heterosexual, and male.

That hashtag is #IStandWithHateSpeech.

The oldest tweet I could find containing this hashtag came at 2:39 PM central.


However, that account has only 64 followers, so nothing really happened.

But hate speech was not at risk of losing its chance of becoming a hashtag! Failed lawyer-turned-juice-salesman and GamerGate champion Mike Cernovich wanted to make sure the world knew how important hate speech is to him, and took to Twitter with a mission:


From this moment, the hashtag seems to have gained its trending status–with thousands of tweets supporting hate speech over a period of six hours and counting.

Here's a collection of my tweets documenting some of the wonderful people GamerGate, Mike Cernovich, and the rest of the Angry Internet feel are worthy of praise.


The Anita referred to in this tweet is Anita Sarkeesian, creator and star of the Tropes v Women series which GamerGate hasn't stopped being mad about.


The final tweet we'll share won't be embedded due to the extreme anti-semitism contained; it contains Donald Trump as a Nazi and Bernie Sanders as a prisoner. Click through at your own risk.

Other tweets not included contained language against transgender individuals, extensive usage of slurs against black people, and a few members of GamerGate mad that GamerGate would be associated with a hashtag GamerGate was using. Because that makes sense, and sense is bad.

So what have we learned today? That any attempt at instituting basic decency on social media will result in a bunch of angry bigots throwing a tantrum if they're not allowed to yell racist, sexist, transphobic, and homophobic slurs at minorities to make themselves feel strong.

Now we wait for the inevitable usage of the hashtag by Trump himself.

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