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"Gorilla Mindset" author Mike Cernovich fear-mongering over NYC explosion

The Web, DebunkerColby Klaus
"Gorilla Mindset" author Mike Cernovich fear-mongering over NYC explosion

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The night of September 17th, an explosion occurred in New York City. Initial reports have been slow and steady, with early info from New York's Counter-Terrorism unit indicating a banged up dumpster was found at the scene.

Minutes later, self-help author Mike Cernovich took to Twitter with a presumption of media cover-ups occurring.

He then questioned if the dumpster was the source of "the IED".

You may be wondering what IED he's talking about. Well, Cernovich had already started an article on his website (part of Cernovich Media) claiming an IED had been set off in NYC in an act of terror.

His source for this claim is allegedly someone inside the New York City Fire Department. However, you'll soon understand why Cernovich isn't exactly the most trustworthy source.

Regarding New York, his claims ran contrary to official statements by the NYPD. Mayor DeBlasio declared that there was no evidence of the explosion being related to a terror attack.

NYPD's commissioner stated they can neither confirm nor deny whether the explosion was caused by an IED.

That's zero for two so far.

What about Virginia? An explosion was reported in Charlottesville at a mall prior to the NYC explosion. While Cernovich claims the media will cover it up as an unrelated incident, the local fire department seems to feel the media is credible.

Indeed, the explosion in Charlottesville was an isolated incident of an underground transformer failing—confirmed by the company itself.

As of this writing, Cernovich has not updated his followers on what occurred in Virginia. He has his hands full, of course, promoting a theory that the mayor of NYC is covering up the explosion due to befriending muslims and an anti-Trump bias.

The only thing he's been correct on so far is that a pipe bomb exploded in New Jersey during a marathon. Yet even here, he's failed; Cernovich claimed the pipe bomb was part of the media cover-up and thus related to the two other explosions.

Now, we're not saying terrorism isn't linked to either the NYC or NJ explosions. As more information is gathered by police, we could find out that one of the several right-wing terrorist groups in the United States was involved—which is far more likely than any attachment to IS or other radical groups who claim to be muslim.

Our intention here is simply to point out how relying on reports from random social media users—especially those with ties to GamerGate and the new Neo-Nazi voting bloc called the alt-right—can result in being greatly misinformed with information far detached from reality. Cernovich's agenda in this situation is solely to stoke the fires of fear and hatred, while his effect is making law enforcement's job much more difficult.

Deplorable, Mike Cernovich. Deplorable.

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