Resist, The WebColby Klaus

Why you shouldn't trust those post-debate, online polls

Resist, The WebColby Klaus
Why you shouldn't trust those post-debate, online polls

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Last night's debate was a spectacle to behold. Representing the GOP was Donald Trump, a man so in love with his own voice that he couldn't stop interrupting his opponent and the moderator.

For the democrats, we had Hillary Clinton refusing to let Trump run away from his own insults against women and minorities.

The initial polling performed by several official polling organizations and news outlets showed a clear winner for the night: Hillary Clinton. A CNN/ORC poll found 62% of respondents felt Clinton came out all the better compared to 27% for Trump, along with 54% of independents giving the win to Clinton and only 33% siding with Trump. Public Policy Polling recorded 63% of young voters agreed that Clinton was victorious with just 24% having Trump's back. She won the overall poll at 51% to Trump's 40%, where his only lead was by 1% among white voters. Most surprising is Breitbart's poll putting Clinton up 48% to Trump's 43%; Breitbart's executive chairman Steve Bannon was recently hired to work for Trump's campaign and apparently hasn't found a way to make him likable to his own readers.

These results have been at odds with some online polls.

What could lead to such a discrepancy? Well, as it turns out, Trump may not be wrong about elections being rigged. Not long after the traditional polls were conducted, several of Trump's supporters were at maximum damage control.

One Twitter user, for example, put out a call to all Trump supporters with a link to ten polls they should visit.

The article linked in the user's tweet comes from The Conservative Treehouse, and you'll notice that several of the polls they link to are ones Trump was proud enough to tweet about.

Another Twitter user discovered that a favorite hangout for Neo-Nazis, 4chan's "politically incorrect" /pol/ forum, was mobilizing to make sure several online polls represented the will of white supremacy.

Again, several of the links from that thread directed the deplorables to the same polls Trump celebrated. But it wasn't just 4chan that struggled to repair their crumbling narrative.

Yes, Reddit's hive of Trump supporters on /r/The_Donald rushed to flood the same online polls Trump happily won. @MaxOfS2D noted that moderators of the subreddit tried to hide the threads, but screenshots show moderators allowed the threads to fill with hundreds of comments and receive enough upvotes to breeze onto the front page of Reddit. (For those unaware, /r/The_Donald was recently approached by Oculus founder Palmer Luckey to donate money for a dark money group in support of Trump.)

We'd reach out to the Trump campaign to comment on how they feel about winning rigged polls, but we have little faith we'd get a response from the man who won't provide proof his taxes are being audited. Just let this be a lesson to our readers that online polls have as much scientific integrity as Donald Trump himself.

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