The Web, DebunkerColby Klaus

Talk of new Wikileaks dump includes fake information

The Web, DebunkerColby Klaus
Talk of new Wikileaks dump includes fake information

You can support us on PayPal and Patreon, and follow us on Twitter and Facebook! Not long before news broke of Donald Trump's ghastly pride in committing sexual assault, a 'devastating' leak promised by Julian Assange hit the internet. Its contents were hyped to be horrendous enough to cause Hillary Clinton's demise in the presidential race.

Unfortunately for Wikileaks, people had to make stuff up if they planned on coming anywhere close to Assange's promise.

#BucketOfLosers is a struggling hashtag which hasn't quite started trending yet. The hashtag's beginnings lie in a speech Hillary Clinton allegedly gave behind closed doors.

The source has been alleged to come from Wikileaks' latest dump of emails from John Podesta, a manager with the Clinton campaign. According to neo-nazi hive /r/The_Donald on Reddit, you can find the speech as an attachment to one of the leaked emails.

But the attachment page is actually just a word document that contains snippets of other speeches. 'Losers' doesn't come up in it, nor do any of the sentences from the screenshots being spread; the attachment doesn't contain any images, either.

What the email actually contains is a thorough list of examples concerning how Clinton's closed-door speeches could be spun if they were ever leaked. Despite Assange's claims and Wikileaks' tired attempts to make the emails look ominous, there's not really anything damaging at all.

Yes, that is Wikileaks trying to create a scary spin on Hillary Clinton saying she'd like an economy that benefits the poor to come from fair trade and open borders. The only people scared by those words are the same people currently defending Donald Trump's sexual assault brags.

But the #BucketOfLosers; where did that come from? As it turns out, it's from an article published on October 2nd by the most trustworthy name in news:

Real. True. News.

This website happens to specialize in Clinton conspiracy theories ranging from the Clinton Body Count to Hillary having an electrode implanted in her brain so she could survive the first debate. Their articles only seem to go back to late September and could honestly match most of what you see on Breitbart or Drudge. But it's in their About page where the treasure lies:

Hardcore journalists on Real. True. News. include the venerable Lex Icon, an ex-Wall Street broker, and a mysterious pyramid who submits articles with random images while being very specific that it is in fact an all-seeing eye.

(We contacted the pyramid for comment but were greeted by a floating space baby who returned no comment.)

Certainly, there will be declarations that this spread of false information has been an attempted cover-up by Hillary Clinton to distract from the Wikileaks dump. I'd rather think it's just evidence that Wikileaks has fallen from its once holy station and others are forced to fabricate conspiracies since Assange just can't deliver.

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