Resist, DebunkerColby Klaus

James O'Keefe is trying to pull a second ACORN—and failing

Resist, DebunkerColby Klaus

You can support us on PayPal and Patreon! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook! A new video published by Project Veritas Action claims to expose sexual assault worse than Trump's and active efforts to stifle voters.

James O'Keefe, founder of PVA, appears in the video several times to tell us how he feels the mainstream media is unfairly reporting on Trump. He's also seen in front of a computer where he's actively editing some video, possibly the clips that would show up in the one we're watching.

To set the stage, we should remind readers of exactly who James O'Keefe is:

So what's in this new video from O'Keefe?

We open with a man who PVA labels as a Clinton staffer, allegedly saying he would have to grab some woman's rear to get fired. You can tell very clearly that the raw footage here has been edited because the video doesn't play more than a couple seconds of this man talking and is constantly cutting into a conversation already happening.

This tactic was used by O'Keefe in a video alleging NPR's hostility towards the Tea Party; investigators found that the unedited video showed the man in question relaying what he had been told by republicans, but O'Keefe manipulated the footage so it appeared the man himself was saying harmful things.

Twenty-four seconds in, O'Keefe appears on camera and begins expressing frustration over the media playing Trump's tape. He then plays that tape over and over, alongside the clip that opened the video.

This rant continues for one minute and thirty-six seconds, when we arrive at a man labeled as a PVA journalist walking up to the man from the beginning of the video to question him about sexual assault. O'Keefe made sure to freeze-frame the video so the alleged Clinton staffer looks guilty, because O'Keefe is a failed journalist whose only success has come from pandering to the same people that believe 9/11 is related to JFK.

The next "undercover" section contains a man who is off-camera for quite some time, telling a story about seeing a Trump supporter and avoiding him. O'Keefe apparently believes this is damning information.

Then, at two minutes and fifty-four seconds, another "undercover" PVA agent records someone explaining how the Get Out The Vote effort works. They seem to mention offering democrats information to register for a vote by mail, to which the PVA agent asks what they do with republicans, and the man appears to say they don't give republicans the same information. Selective editing seems clear here as well, due to the man disappearing from the camera's frame and giving a nonsensical comment about something being "super easy".

A second later, the man from the beginning of the video is back, face turned away from the camera, supposedly saying he could rip up twenty completed registration forms without getting fired. A woman is heard saying they can't afford to lose any, and the man continues talking.

Here's where we get to James O'Keefe's agent admitting to destruction of property on camera. Three minutes and thirty-nine seconds in, the nameless PVA agent is seen talking to the vote-by-mail man from earlier. The PVA agent tells the man he ripped up several ballots because, "I got three Trump ballots in a row and something snapped. I couldn't take it." He then asks if he's in trouble or will be reported, to which the man allegedly says he won't because it's clear this is already weighing on the PVA agent's conscience. After this sequence, a PVA reporter comes up to the man apparently seen in the video, and tries to question him about why he'd allow ballots to be destroyed.

Afterwards, the video plays a hip-hop song over a graphic of a waving flag, and tells the viewer to stay tuned.

So yes, James O'Keefe's big sting this year involves clearly edited video footage claiming to show that Hillary Clinton's campaign is ok with sexual assault and destroying voter registration forms.

His big accomplishment is publishing video wherein his undercover reporter admits to tearing up voter registration forms of Trump supporters while pretending to be a Clinton staffer.

We'll stay tuned for the investigation, bud.

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