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FBI stops terrorist attack by white men in Kansas

ResistColby Klaus
FBI stops terrorist attack by white men in Kansas

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The FBI held a press conference today in Wichita, KS, releasing details of a terrorist plot they had successfully prevented.

According to the FBI, the three men had arranged targets by people who were doing business with or sympathetic to Somali refugees. They eventually decided on an apartment complex which housed refugees and a local mosque where refugees were known to pray. Both buildings are located in Garden City, KS.

Four vehicles were going to be loaded up with explosives and placed around the apartment complex. The men had also stockpiled a large amount of guns and ammunition to use in the attacks. Kansas' Attorney General noted the apartment complex currently houses around 120 people.

Thanks to tips from the community, local law enforcement was able to team up with state and federal authorities for the investigation. FBI agent Eric Jackson stated this could've been "a very different press conference" had it not been for the cooperation amongst all law enforcement agencies.

All three men have been identified, with two being confirmed as white males and the third confirmed as male. Two of the men were from Liberal, KS while the third was from Dodge City, KS.

Information gathered by the FBI details the planned date for the attack as November 9th, with Jackson telling a reporter the choice of the date was to prevent the attack from influencing the 2016 Presidential Election. Further information revealed the men involved with a group calling itself Crusaders, with ties to sovereign citizen and militia groups (similar to the militia which took over a wildlife refuge in Oregon near the beginning of this year).

A motive provided by the three men was to "wake people up," though Jackson didn't elaborate on specifics of what people would be woken up to. The Attorney General said the men called themselves the Kansas Security Force.

UPDATE: The official complaint filed by the FBI included one of the three men telling an undercover agent, "The only good Muslim is a dead Muslim." The man went on to say he would not leave any alive, even if they were one year old.

Garden City, where the attacks were planned, relies on meatpacking for its economy. Some of the refugees living in the city have taken employment at a Tyson Foods plant.

Jackson made clear to reporters that the investigation is still ongoing as they look into groups tied to the perpetrators. All three men will have terrorism-related charges brought against them, including one count of conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction. He also explicitly stated this plot was an act of domestic terrorism, and the international community should take notice of what's happening within the United States.

We're glad they're calling a duck a duck for once. The only question now is how many Make America Great Again hats each man owned.

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