Resist, The WebColby Klaus

What happened to the fascist rally at UC Davis?

Resist, The WebColby Klaus
What happened to the fascist rally at UC Davis?

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Two names close to topping the "Cautionary Tales for Giving Mediocre White Men Power" list were scheduled to inspire other mediocre white men (and people with similar beliefs) at UC Davis on Friday the 13th.

Milo Yiannopoulos, famous for stiffing employees before it was cool and being just the most miserable dreck on Twitter, was scheduled to engage in masturbatory monologuing before an audience—apparently with Martin Shkreli providing back-up bile. Protestors organized hours before the sieg heils were set to begin, with various chants making it clear the U.K.-imported and U.S. pharmaceutical-supported New Reich™ wasn't going to goose-step peacefully onto a new platform.

The protest was ultimately successful when the UC Davis College Republicans—with the unofficial tagline "And You Thought It Couldn't Get Worse Than Newt"—announced they were canceling the event out of safety concerns. Those concerns, according to university statements provided to NBC News, were founded on false reports of property damage; in total, a single person was arrested because they crossed the barrier and entered the building.

But false reports are what right-wing extremism thrives on.

The College Republicans claimed the lives of police were threatened, according to a reporter for a local NBC affiliate:

Update: UC Davis College Republicans cancel Milo Yiannopoulos, Martin Shkreli event saying "the lives of the officers were threatened."

— Tom Miller (@KCRAMiller) January 14, 2017

In their full statement, the Executive Director (of a college group that thinks calling people "snowflakes" is edgy) stated student lives and also college property were in danger, and that this decision was made after consulting with police and student affairs.

There is definitely a slight conflict in messaging as far as official statements on what happened; while police and the university both state there was no property damage or broken windows, the university says one student was arrested and police say there were no arrests. This could come from a difference in semantics of what each body considers to be an arrest, or the Associated Press wire containing the police statement having been issued before the arrest happened.

Neither official statement matters, because the ever truthful Milo "Video Games Made Eliot Rodger Kill" Yiannopoulos has his own version of events:

Censored! MILO's talk at UC Davis cancelled after sick Hillary Clinton supporting students brought hammers and bottles of urine!

— Mike Cernovich (@Cernovich) January 14, 2017

(Side note: Even Cernovich couldn't resist adding an extra ounce to the spin, as he claims bottles of urine were involved when Milo never mentioned them.)

Milo also posted a YouTube video claiming his cameraman was physically assaulted at the protests. I wouldn't suggest viewing it unless you've got an ad-blocker enabled and use a private window to prevent your YouTube recommendations from being filled with every shouting wannabe on the site. To save you the trouble, here's a handy summary:

Nothing Milo claims happened, happens. 

You'd think one of his apparently numerous cameras would've caught at least one hammer (or sickle!) in the crowd, and he'd make sure that was featured prominently since he was so fearful for his safety. Yet not even a comically oversized inflatable mallet is found!

As to the claim of physical assault, the editor wasn't sly enough to cut out the audio or footage in which the cameraman is invading someone's personal space and trying to shove the camera into their face. He refuses to back off, causing one person to pull his arm away from another protestor and that's the entirety of the physical altercation: someone protecting someone else from a cameraman who—and he even says this in the video—thinks being in a public space makes personal boundaries null and void.

(Editor's Note: Upon further review of the video, we believe Cernovich's claim of bottles of urine may be a mistake in which he named things he saw around him while furiously tweeting from home. As to the "sick Hillary Clinton supporting" students, there's no doubt some protestors supported Clinton; odds are there were many who supported Sanders and plenty who abstained from the process altogether. Who they supported in the election process doesn't really matter since they took to the pavement and stood up to fascism.)

We can be certain more information will come out in the following days, most of it being falsified alt-reich propaganda intending to stoke the fires against specific races, genders, and/or religions. Some of it's already started:

"UC Davis" Homophobic anti Gay UC Davis college claims Gays are animals. Attack led by Mexicans & Muslims

— joe allen (@Blkhysteria) January 14, 2017

But we can also be reasonably safe in assuming Cerny's Bottle O' Piss will make inroads where plain old coconut oil can't cut it.

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