Multiple injured, one dead in Cincinnati

Multiple injured, one dead in Cincinnati

A shooting occurred early this morning in Cincinnati. Local NBC affiliate WLWT reported the first calls came in around 1 A.M. Eastern about gunshots from a nightclub called Cameo. At the time of this writing, police do not have anyone in custody, have not provided any details on perpetrators, and have not confirmed the number of shooters. The latest information available places the number of injured at 16 and one person deceased. 

But right-wing Twitter accounts, as usual, have already figured out who deserves blame. 

They're certain the shooting involved Islam:

Or maybe it was caused by black people and gangs:

Most are pretty sure it's a terrorist attack:

Which is strange, because the police have so far said there's no indication this attack was terror-related:

We also know four police officers were stationed outside of the nightclub to provide security throughout the night. Ohio law does not allow the open-carry of handguns into certain premises which provide liquor unless that individual will not be drinking, and any private property owner can disallow concealed-carry handguns on the premises. In the next few days, police should be expected to provide information on how the weapons used in this shooting were able to get past security. One local affiliate stated Cameo does have security cameras inside the building, which will hopefully give a clearer picture of what happened. 

It's also worth noting that a law allowing concealed carry in places such as daycares went into effect in Ohio this week, after being signed by Governor Kasich, and the nightclub where the shooting occurred was previously a gay nightclub known as Adonis. 

Whoever is responsible for this crime deserves swift justice, regardless of any part of their identity. But nothing is gained from needless speculation and scapegoating, a lesson the internet should've learned by now. From blaming a missing son for the Boston Bombing to accusing the media of covering up a terrorist attack that was just a faulty transformer, knee-jerk reporting from "citizen journalists" is more likely to assign blame based on one's bias than to present anything newsworthy or informative. 

The result can only reinforce hatred against the people who are most often victims, not perpetrators.